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Floating Floors/Primary Deck Covering Manufacturers

These are systems used on floors/decks and bulkheads that reduce airborne, structure born and impact noise.  To further aid in acoustic insulation a visco elastic vibration damping system can also be applied to both floors and bulkheads.


  •  The Sikafloor® Marine range is specifically designed for the reduction of airborne noise and the damping of structure borne noise, two of the factors most affecting comfort and acoustic safety.  The range includes primary deck coverings, and fire rated and sound reducing flooring systems that level and smooth surfaces as well as greatly improving the environment, in compliance with the regulations.  The range also includes the visco elastic vibration damping system that can be applied to both floors and bulkheads to provide a level of acoustic damping hitherto unattainable for the cost, weight and performance.


  • The Isonell floating floor is made with wool rock 170 kg/m2 and with plate coverage of 3 mm. thick. These characteristics make the Isonell floating floor long lasting to corrosion and easy installation for the fitter.