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Noise and Vibration Systems Manufacturer Information

Noise and Vibration Control is the designing of systems that take into account how materials react when in contact with each over. It is important that these systems  be identified and included during the design stage and not after installation.   Areas requiring this planning are:

Machinery mounting, exhaust and system mounting, damping of critical structure components, accommodation floors , partitions, ceilings , engine spaces, airtrunks and uptakes.


  •  The Sikafloor® Marine range is specifically designed for the reduction of airborne noise and the damping of structure borne noise, two of the factors most affecting comfort and acoustic safety.  The range includes primary deck coverings, and fire rated and sound reducing flooring systems that level and smooth surfaces as well as greatly improving the environment, in compliance with the regulations.  The range also includes the visco elastic vibration damping system that can be applied to both floors and bulkheads to provide a level of acoustic damping hitherto unattainable for the cost, weight and performance.

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  • An innovative and experienced engineering, manufacturing and trading company in the field of vibration and shock control. They specialize in rubber to metal-bonded  anti-vibration mountings, steel springs, air springs and general rubber products. These products are designed and supplied for marine, railway, automotive and general industries. Capabilities include custom-made solutions for individual demands and specific applications. If required, this includes on-site vibration surveys to ensure the highest level of accuracy.


  • A leading supplier in insulation panels, Isonell provides an acoustic panel that assists in sound reduction. They also supply standard clip panels, both of these products are coated in flame retardant. Ceiling panels for spaces where sound reduction and reverberation treatment is necessary as well as a range of doors and floating floors also provide noise and vibration reduction and are simple to install.