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Thermal-Acoustic-Structural Fire Protection Manufacturers

Structural Fire Protection on ships assumes to prevent fire from causing a structural failure and also to prevent the passage of fire and smoke between adjoining decks and spaces.  Definitions, products and certifications to consider and understand.

  • Non Combustible & Low Flame Spread
  • A15,   A30,   A60,  FRD30,  FRD60,  H60,   H120
  • Microporous, Silica Ceramic Wool, Mineral Stone Wool, Fiberglass Hull Board
  • Visco-elastic constrained layer damping
  • Melamine, Polyimide, P0lyether Foam-Barrier Composites
  • USCG-IMO MED Certificated Mil Spec


Isonell provides a range of doors come in a variety of colors and finishes. The doors are available in two different classes, A-60 and B-15 and are designed specifically to get the same classification as the surrounding bulkhead. They also provide a variety of wall panels that are coated in fire retardants. All of these products are ABS certified.


Jet Marine Board

JetMarine Board  manufactures interior walls, partitions, ceilings and floors but unlike other marine boards that simply resist fire, JetMarine Board fights fire by releasing chemically bound water molecules. With a Class A30 Noncombustible rating from the U.S. Coast Guard, there’s no better fireproof panel for ships and offshore platform construction. The panels cannot harbor mold, mildew or insects due to its unique yet non-toxic chemical properties. JetMarine Board is resilient to impact, friction and sustained vibration. The panels are  lightweight and paintable. Panel options include different sizes and thickness.