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Water & Gas Tight Window and Door Manufacturers

The type of vessel or platform will direct what type of windows or doors you require.  Items to consider are: classification requirement, ease of maintenance, glass type, sliding, double hinged or pneumatic doors and the demands the location of the opening puts upon the windows or doors.

Van Dam BV                                                                                                                                        

  • Manufacturer of  single, double hinged, sliding and pneumatic external doors for platforms and vessels.

C.C. Jenson A/B  

  • Among the world leaders in developing and producing ship windows, glass and frame constructions with more than 40 years’ experience in supplying customized window solutions. The ship windows can be supplied with all types of special glass and for all types of ships.  The window frames are manufactured from a wide range of profiles in aluminium, steel or stainless steel and the constructions are according to all major international and national authorities and according to IS0 standards.    


  • Isonell is a manufacturer of A-60 and B-15 class doors which are designed to provide the same level classification as the bulkhead. The doors are typically made of wool rock on the inside but can be made by means of honeycomb.