How we started

We’ve been a team for over 40 years. Through building, refitting, racing and running boats, we’ve acquired experience and know-how that is the core of our business.


We Know where we’re going, because we know where we’ve been.

Having the good fortune to learn traditional yacht building and seamanship from serious masters, set us on a proper course. We’ve taken that experience and adapted it to the needs of our projects and customers ever since.

What started as a yacht joinery and services business in the 1980’s has grown and evolved into a project management, equipment distribution and sales agency for the best the world has to offer for marine/offshore architectural outfitting solutions.

Our past experience with major yacht projects keeps us grounded in the high end of quality and performance. Our projects now-a-days involve commercial passenger vessels, inshore and offshore work vessels, military vessels, and offshore accommodation outfitting.


Pole Star Maritime LLC and Pole Star Marine & Offshore are Members and Supporters of: