For over 30 years, Pole Star Maritime has delivered expertise and quality in marine/ offshore accommodations and outfitting.
We continue to supply thoughtful design solutions, specialized materials and custom fabrications to naval architects, shipyards, outfitting contractors, vessel operators and the offshore energy industry.

What We Make

Design & Engineering

Blast & Fire Protection

Joiner Systems

Noise & Vibration

Deck Covering

Marine Doors & Windows

Who We Make It For

Atlantic LNG
Blount Boats
British Gas
Canadian Coast Guard
Carnival Cruise Lines
Chantier DAVIE
Chesapeake Shipbuilding
Eastern Shipbuilding
Edison Chouest Offshore
Golden Gate Ferries

Gulf Island Fabricators
Harley Marine
Horizon Shipyard
Hornbeck Offshore
Hornblower – NYC Ferries
Husky Energy
Irving Shipbuilding
Jamestown Metal Marine
Kern-Martin Services
Kiewit Offshore
Lindblad Expeditions
Lone Star Energy Fabrication
LQT Industries

Marine Interior Systems
McAllister Towing
MetalShark Boats
Moran Towing
New Orleans Steamboat Co.
Nichols Brothers Boat Builders
Noble Energy
O’Hara Fisheries
Reinaur Transportation
R&M-Sea Level Marine
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
Royal Dutch Shell

St. Johns Shipbuilding
Stallion Offshore
Surface Systems
Trident Maritime
US Coast Guard
US Navy
Vigor Marine
Westport Shipyard
Wood PLC